Money is not money. Money is love.


Our goals are almost never money-centric. They’re life-centric.

If money was just money, you wouldn’t need much guidance. Spend less than you make. Save. Invest at a rate greater than inflation. Individuals and countries alike would be solvent, stable, and secure. Money is love. It’s our children’s inheritance, it’s caring for our parents, it’s our comfort in retirement. It’s validation of our worth and effort. It’s choosing to whom and how much to give, or withhold. It’s our favorite pet or charity. It’s our dreams and our aspirations for ourselves, our communities, and our world. Numbers are easy. Emotions drive us. The “Retirement Pyramid” below by Tony Isola of the blog, A Teachable Moment, reminds us that financial health happens just like losing weight, slowly and surely.

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