Exit Left

It’s been a busy summer, and with it a lot of change.

Modern Assets is exiting stage left, while I move on with a new firm, Aequitas Wealth Management, where I’ve found a home.

What’s changed? A name and email address, a (stunning) new office, new software, and support (thanks, Nick!). A deep bench of wisdom and guidance as I grow along with my clients and their needs.

What doesn’t change? Me. My philosophy, and my dedication to my clients’ best interest. To believing the fastest path to success is a business built on trust and honesty, and a job well done. My desire to help those who are giving as much to the world as they take from it, each in their own unique way.

I could wax poetic about the team, but I’d much rather you decide for yourself.
I’d love to have you at the open house to celebrate a new partner (the very same person who brought me on board!), Kyle Jones, who is both a mentor and a friend.

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