It starts with you.


You’re smart, you’re driven, you’ve got your shit together.

Look, I don’t know the first thing about drawing blood, filing a motion, or how I should choose complementary colors on a color wheel.

We’ve all worked hard to build a career and develop a skill set that pays off, right? So where in the manual of life does it state that one must also have an uncanny knack at budgeting, investing, or finance? How about an encyclopedic memory of every acronym that pops up in your 401(k) documentation, a press release about Apple earnings, or minutes from the Fed (we’ll get there, I promise).

You probably fell into a career because you were good at it.
I loved putting pennies in my piggy bank when I was five.
It just happened this way.

I do finance.

You do you.

I’m here because not everyone loves finance, but we all still need a solid understanding. Not fair, but neither is life. It happens to be my jam, and after many years working in the asset management world of fixed income, I want to share what I’ve learned. Because I love it, and because it’s your right to know this stuff, too. It’s not so hard, it’s just been overcomplicated so some people can pretend they’re smarter than you.

They aren’t.

If you want credentials, look me up here.
Mathematician by training. Analyst by trade. Free spirit by choice.