Complete Me Package

DIY is best left to tasks and projects that make you happy, and won’t have profound implications on the rest of your life. The Complete Me package helps you get your financial life in order and keep it that way. This package involves creating a financial plan, helping you implement the plan, and ongoing support and coaching to stay on track. Read more.


Hot Topic

A 60-90 minute session for people who need guidance on one or two financial issues–from managing cash flow to making smart choices about your small business. You’ll receive a follow-up email with targeted recommendations to help you strategically navigate your financial future. Read more.


Investment Management

How you invest is more important than how much you invest. We begin with a discussion of your goals, time horizon, and how much risk feels right. From there we will build you a low-cost, well diversified portfolio tailored to your specific situation. And if things change, that’s okay, because you’re never locked into a “loaded” fund. We’ll be there to help you refocus and keep making progress. Read more.


Hourly Financial Planning

If you have one question or many, we’re here to help. Financial planning and strategy done on an hourly basis is billed at $250/hour. We will provide an estimate before we get started so that you will know ahead of time exactly how much you will be billed.

Examples & estimates for typical hourly engagements.

Investment Review & Recommendations3 to 4 hours
Retirement Projections4 to 5 hours
Business Entity and Financial Strategy Review5 to 8 hours
Employee Benefits Review2 to 4 hours
Insurance Review & Recommendation3 to 5 hours
“Complete Me” Comprehensive Financial Plan15 to 20 hours

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