Investment Management

In addition to our financial planning services, we provide investment management services. Based on your goals, risk tolerance, and financial plan we recommend and tailor custom portfolios for our clients.

We believe you should not be in the dark about fees, which is why ours are transparent.

Please note: Financial Planning and Investment Management are billed separately. Investment management services are an a la carte service and can be arranged independently of Modern Assets financial planning services.

Assets Under ManagementAnnual FeeQuarterly Fee
AllStarting from 1%; rate falls as assets increase.0.25%

Please be aware that there are embedded fees within most mutual funds and ETFs.

What’s Included

  • Goals Assessment
  • Risk Tolerance Quiz
  • Fee Audit
  • Tax Liability Scan
  • Custom Tailored Investment Portfolio
  • Semi-Annual and as needed Portfolio Reviews

Are custom portfolios what you need?